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KEY =Developing = Proficient = Advanced = Exhibitor Session = 2016 Top Presenter Program Junkies MIRO Program and Professional Development Looking to learn how to build quality programming and market, recruit, and retain students while continuously implementing program improvement, quality staff supervision, and alignment with the school day? So was I a few years ago! After five years in the game I figured out how to do it all at once and you can too! I've done the legwork, the trial and error, and research, and now I can share with you some good quality tips you can take with you and implement easily into you current program to help it work better for you, your staff, your students, and your school! Come in, sit down, and let's get those ideas rolling! Left brain, right brain, ALL brains welcome! P R E S E N T E R Rosilyn Jackson, University of Texas at Tyler Raising Leaders: Education Through Adversity ROSETTA Developing High Quality and Innovative Programs Participants will engage in a discussion and go through case studies that examine the challenges refugee and immigrant children face in the American school system, as exemplified by the Vickery Meadow community of Dallas, Texas. After a brief presentation to orient the participants to the problems and core concepts, participants will read and discuss case studies and propose solutions for their context. This discussion will shed light on the need to support educational communities that include in-school and after- school intervention, recognizing that we all are English Language Learner (ELL) educators. P R E S E N T E R Lenita Dunlap, Heart House Self-Esteem with Storytelling, Writing, and Rapping MONET Developing High Quality and Innovative Programs Self-expression by way of storytelling, journaling, and even rapping, is a powerful avenue for increasing the self-esteem of young people! Join us for this lively, interactive session that will teach you how to inspire kids to find and explore their "own voice." Whether it's through short and daily journal entries, "story swaps," or even rap songs written in after school hours, discovering one's own voice is the KEY TO SELF- ESTEEM. Your kids can't change their stories, but they can own them and create new ones! P R E S E N T E R S Julia Gabor and Meredith Scott Lynn, WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS Shifting the Focus: Strengths-Based Supervision CORAL Program and Professional Development Supervising in afterschool can be very demanding. Youth workers are often from diverse backgrounds with a variety of skills and experience, making for a unique set of challenges for any supervisor. Understanding the strengths of your staff is an asset-based approach that benefits everyone! In Shifting the Focus: Strengths- Based Supervision, participants will be able to dive into the Principles of Strength- Based Work and identify ways to use these principles to coach staff for excellence. P R E S E N T E R Jessica Jackson, Department of Youth and Community Development, NYC 24 M O N D AY 8:00am-9:15am WORKSHOPS BLOCK 1

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